How to make your business environmentally friendly


(PART 1)

A United Nations (UN) scientific report 8 years in the making was released last month, revealing our planet is getting hotter, even quicker than first thought.

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Report found that humans are responsible for the rapid rise in global warming due to Co2 emissions. It also stated that we have a 10-year window to effect wide scale systemic change to reduce emissions to a minimum of 75% by 2030 or else face catastrophic impacts of global warming. is looking for ways to improve on our own environmental impact every day. As a rubbish removal business it’s essential we aim to dispose of your rubbish in a responsible manner, leading us to recycling and repurposing the large majority of items.

But how can you make your own business more environmentally friendly?

Using resources sustainably is not only good for the environment, it can also improve your profit and reputation with customers. wants to share these quick tips on how everyday business can start to reduce their impact on mother earth.

  1. Set up an environmental management system
  2. Manage energy use
  3. Manage water use
  4. Manage waste

The first step to making your business more environmentally friendly is to identify the environmental impacts of your business. Once you’ve you know you can begin to set your environmental objectives and targets.

If you begin to provide your operational and emergency procedures related to environmental matters,members of your team can outline responsibilities and identify areas for ongoing improvement.


At the location of your business you can reduce heat escaping by double glazing windows and insulating walls. Reduce draughts by sealing doors and windows and installing automatic doors.

Using energy efficient equipment will go a long wat to reducing your carbon footprint. You can buy energy efficient light bulbs, or install timers, smart meters and displays.

Consider energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and use the thermostat to automate temperatures.

An easy way to reduce your businesses energy use during peak periods is to switch off unnecessary equipment, install automatic timers or use alternative energy.

Depending on your business you might be running multiple vehicles on any given day. This is another area where you can drastically decrease your energy use. Try switching to gas or electric vehicles, or find a good fuel-efficient vehicle.

You can find out about advances in vehicle emissions, vehicle noise and fuel consumption labelling on the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website.

Find out more on how to manage water use and manage your waste in next week’s Part 2 of this blog. has worked hard to achieve a rubbish removal service that drastically prevents items going into landfill in comparison with our competitors. So if you need any of the services that offers, call us on 0433 444 555 today!

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