5 Ways Clutter can affect your everyday life.

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Junk or clutter can have a powerful grip on our lives and affect our day to day mood, productivity and health without even knowing it. After doing some heavy research on the matter, we have come up with five ways clutter can affect your life.  

1. Clutter increases stress. 

People with homes full of unfinished projects and junk were more depressed, tired and had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who describe their homes as relaxing or organised.

2. Clutter affects our diet. 

People in organised homes are more likely to choose a healthier snack than those who live in a cluttered home.  Clutter is stressful on the brain, so we are more likely to resort to coping mechanisms such as eating junk/comfort food or overeating. 

3. Clutter Triggers Respiratory issues. 

Cluttered homes are harder to clean; therefore, more dust will be in your home –  affect allergies and breathing problems. Dust can also lead to pests like dust mites. The harder it is to clean a house, the more serious the respiratory issues will become. 

4. Clutter overstimulates our brain. 

If there are children in the house, having too much junk around can change the mood in a child; They can become irritated, overwhelmed, upset or even angry. It is best to keep things organised as much as possible (even though children are the ones that make most of the mess). 

An excellent way to manage toys is to rotate them rather than allowing access to all the toys at once. 

5. Clutter wastes time and money. 

If you have a lot of things lying around your home that you feel like you are continually trying to find a place for, maybe there isn’t enough room for it all. Continuously moving things around and looking for items can become a time-waster, and when we can’t find what we need, we tend to buy it again, resulting in money wasted and more stuff!

Have a go at cleaning out one room, maybe your kitchen or your bedroom.

Then notice how you feel when you walk into that room; does your mood improve, do you feel calm and relaxed because you know everything is in order? Imagine if your whole house was like that. You can wake up in the morning, feeling a little more cheerful and ready for the day just by decluttering your home, workplace or even your car!

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