I’m not sure if I can say there is an art to keeping a house tidy every single day, but there is a process, and after writing this article, I made some improvements to my routine. Just by picking up a couple of these helpful tips, I feel more organised, stress-free and ready for visitors at any moment. Junk or clutter around your home can affect your mood and productivity, read this article to start your journey to a junk-free home. 


Keeping Your House Junk Free!
Keeping Your House Junk Free!

1. Start fresh, Identify junk and what is essential

Tick off small achievements by sorting out each room one by one, so it doesn’t become overwhelming.  In terms of identifying what is important, imagine you are about to move into a new home, what would you take with you? Check out some interiors on Pinterest and notice the things you like about them. How can you make changes to the way you store your belongings and what things are not necessary?

2. Find a spot

From now on, avoid clutter by only buying what you need. Remember, everything will need to find a place in your home, you have just spent the time removing junk and organising your wardrobes, so think wisely about where your purchases will live in your home. Once you know where that item belongs, avoid leaving it on the couch, floor, table or bench when that is not where it belongs.  At first, this will feel tedious, but it will become a positive habit.

3. Easy to Reach

Following on from the last point, don’t put the broom in the laundry if you predominantly use it in the kitchen.  By having a spot for items where they are primarily used, the chances of them returning to their rightful place will be higher!

4. Avoid Trends

If you are one who likes to keep up with the trends such as clothing, home decor or even products, you’ll find there are new items continually coming into the home. Be mindful that everything you purchase needs to have a place in your home, or it will always be left out and in the way. 

5. Go Paper Free

Scan all necessary documents and only keep important certificates in one folder. Request digital bills and bank statements rather than receiving them via mail. Just by doing this, you will notice a difference in your home office or kitchen bench. Knowing there is paperwork to be sorted can instantly create anxiety.

6. Give away Valuable clutter

House Cleaning Equipment
House Cleaning Equipment

Decluttering your home is not just black and white, there will be things that are too good to throw away. Check out our Recycling page to see if anything can be recycled or given away to someone who needs it.

If you decide to try and sell something, be careful, this can be a trap for moving your clutter around rather than getting rid of it. A good rule is if it hasn’t sold in a week,  think of another option. A pile of unwanted junk in the corner of a garage is not the solution.

7. Have a junk drawer

Yep you did read correctly! It is good to have a junk drawer; a space for all those bits and bobs, but make sure to clean it out when it becomes full, DO NOT create a second, third or fourth junk draw! That’s the trap.

8. Evaluate Often

Even if you have done a massive cleanout, that’s not the end. Keeping a house organised is a continuous effort. Stocktake your home every three months to stay on top of things.

9. Room Zoom

Room Zoom is a fun name for a quick tidy. As you leave a room, do a quick scan for things that don’t belong. Pick them up and take them with you, to their rightful place.

After a couple of weeks of doing just some of these tips, you will start to notice they become more natural. Soon you won’t even see that you’re doing them and your house will be junk-free every day! 

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