At JUNK we also offer mattress recycling and mattress collection. For efficient mattress pickup service, JUNK is the company you need to help you. We collect mattresses of every size from any desired location – be it residential home, hotel, or commercial establishment. Our trained professionals take care of all the heavy lifting for you, for an effortless experience on your behalf. Simply point us in the right direction and we will handle the rest.

We pick up and collect every size of mattress; single, king single, double, queen and king. We can also pickup = bed bases and bed frames! We go to any type of location, apartment, house, hotel, or warehouse! We can pick up your personal mattress or bulk mattresses on a commercial scale. No matter if you’re upgrading bedding at home or renovating an apartment complex, let us handle mattress disposal part of the process for you. With our convenient pickup service and commitment to sustainability, you can rest easy knowing we will responsibly recycle them your unwanted mattresses rather than having them end up in landfill.

Mattress Collection Service Carrying A Mattress
Mattress Collection Service Carrying A Mattress

By trusting us with your old mattresses, not only are you saving yourself both time and effort of lugging one around on your own, but you are contributing to a more sustainable future. Instead of ending up in landfills or worsening environmental degradation, your mattresses will be responsibly recycled or rejuvenated in our hands.

In our recycling process, we manually dismantle each mattress, sorting it into single source materials such as metal springs, foam and fabric before recycling or repurposing as appropriate. Doing this we ensure that valuable materials such as metal springs, foam, and fabric are repurposed rather than left to contribute to environmental degradation.

The mattresses that are in good enough condition to be saved from landfill entirely, they go through our comprehensive rejuvenation process where they are sanitised, deodorised & steam cleaned and bagged to go to disadvantaged groups in need. Our process not only saves resources but entirely diverts saveable mattresses from ending up as waste from landfills; thus, also reduce the need for new manufacturing.

Through our efforts, we aim to minimise the burden on landfills and contribute to a greener, more eco-conscious future. Our refurbished mattresses not only are diverted from ending up as waste from landfills, but they also reduce the need for new manufacturing. Choosing The Mattress Recycling Company to remove your old mattress, you’re making a conscious decision to support environmental conservation and waste reduction efforts.

Mattress Recycling Machine And Team
Mattress Recycling Machine And Team

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