Let’s talk about our culture

or as we like to call it ‘Junkulture’!


JUNK delivers an exceptional service to the ordinary business of JUNK and RUBBISH Removal.

Removing Junk from our living and work environments creates space and peace of mind.

Whether it’s an unwanted couch, old fridge or washing machine; basically anything that’s taking up valuable space in the home, garage, office or warehouse JUNK.com.au removes it for you.

In line with our environmental obligations and objectives to reduce landfill. Where possible, we will donate to those suffering from homelessness, adversity and financial hardship and wherever possible all recyclable items are disposed of responsibly.

Junk Dude
junk.com.au gardening service


We strive to empower our Crew with opportunities to show leadership, reach personal goals and provide mentorship to the team.

We are proud to employ disengaged individuals to help them transition back into the workforce and more importantly the community.

Junk strongly believes a workplace should always be a safe and positive experience for everyone.

If you would like to become a Junk Dude, head to our careers page now!

Visit our ‘Junk Matters’ page to read about how junk can affect your life.

  • Professional

    Strong fast and reliable

  • Crew x 2

    We always come in 2

  • Community

    Empowering our community

What goes on at Junk HQ?

We do things a little differently here at the Junk HQ! We love collecting cool junk and incorporating them into our daily life to keep things interesting. You will often find our staff riding around on unique bikes, skateboards, or even having some thinking time on a motorcycle! We come across lots of cool stuff when we are out on a job too.

See what we have found and what we get up to by following our Instagram page.