WORKING WITH homeless.com.au

We believe that salvaging goods that still have life left in them is not only good for the environment but also our community.
Everything we sell is at affordable prices and a percentage of each sale is donated to homeless.com.au and their charities.

With financial stress caused by COVID19 buying second-hand and up-cycling furniture is becoming more popular.

Homeless.com.au provides a portal for those wonderful citizens offering help and linking them with those in our communities who need it most.

Whether it be as a result of family breakdown, adversity, unemployment, domestic violence, addiction, abuse, natural disaster, Homeless.com.au provides the platform for every Australian to share something that they have in excess with someone to which that support will mean so much.

On the Homeless.com.au website individuals, families, couple and corporations can offer anything from a space available as a short-term shelter through to the purchase of a t-shirt, drink bottle or reusable shopping bag.

Homeless.com.au provides the opportunity for every Australian to offer support to friends in need.