One of the integral missions of is to create pathways to employment for those in our community who are without constant and stable shelter. We’re the only rubbish removal service making a difference like this, in the space of homelessness. provides hope and a steady income, paving the way to a better life for these individuals. By gaining this work, they’ll have a foundation of support to gain financial literacy and moderate the impact of financial stress.

Removal Service Creating Ways To Employment
Removal Service Creating Ways To Employment

One of our team’s greatest assets is Alex. Having couch-surfed for most of his adult life, when he came to, it was the beginning of a great transformation.

Alex first came into contact with when his old childhood friend Matt (JUNK’s original Team Leader) called him up with an offer to turn his life around and start working for the company.


“I was a drug addict. There’s no sugarcoating it, that’s the truth of it”, he said.

“When I got that call from Matt I knew it was the opportunity I needed to turn my life around. So I got on a plane from Sydney and flew over.”

“JUNK helped me turn it all around. It’s been great for my mental health and physically it’s been really rewarding too”, he said.

Now Alex is one of our most established members and well on his way to becoming a team leader, something Alex is very excited about.

“Being a team leader might be a while off, but if I could get to that level I’d be stoked”.


Man Holding A Rotten Wood
Man Holding A Rotten Wood

Alex said one of his favourite things about the job is the customer interaction and the feeling of helping people, as well as the comradery amongst his teammates.

“I Love it, I love it, I love it. It’s not something I was used to at all, being friendly with people. But working at JUNK means I get to be friendly with customers while we do the hard work”, he said.

“I love working with Matt, my team leader now. Even when it’s tough work physically, Matt’s always good for boosting morale. Having known each other since we were little kids means we have a sort of sibling rivalry, so it’s fun to work together”, he said.

Alex has been working for for over 3 months now and continues to impress everybody in the business and our customers with his hard work and great attitude.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO JOIN THE RUBBISH REMOVAL TEAM AT JUNK continues to share the vision of empowering people through the opportunity of employment and is seeking more people with stories like Alex to come forward and join the team. 

If you know anyone who would benefit by joining our JUNK community, get them to look at our JUNK careers page. and join the JUNK Journey!