There are no words to describe how losing your loved one feels like. Dealing with other technical and potentially daunting tasks such as a deceased estate clearance can be overwhelming. 

Deceased Estate Clearance
Deceased Estate Clearance
  1. Planning: Create a timeline for when tasks need to be completed and who is responsible for them. When dealing with a deceased estate there are usually family and friends who are happy to help with the process. Allocated the responsibilities to avoid being overwhelmed and if you don’t have offered help get help. Allocate at least half a day for each room to go through what you want and don’t want, based on your schedule pre-book services that you need. We can provide a clear-out service when you are ready. Book ahead of time to ensure all junk is removed from the estate on time.
  2. Important documents first. The most important things you need to keep from a deceased estate is paperwork, documents and photographs. These will include bank statements, bills, insurance, wills, policies, certificates, title/property deeds, shared information and tax returns. The more information on accounts and possessions you have the easier it will be to get them sorted. Documents are crucial to solicitors, and executors of estates and for fixing any financial matters.
  3. Sentimental/useful items: Allow family and friends to get items that they will like, you will be surprised what is sentimental to one person may not be for you or even grandchildren or young families may find use for furniture and white goods for their own homes.
  4. Methodical Sorting. Grouping the items works best – rubbish, charity or sell. If you have the time check out what items can be recycled on our waste matters page. It is best to work on one room at a time and clear them out completely before moving to the next, this will allow you to see progress and motivate you to continue.
  5. No Regrets: It is best to remove unwanted items quickly to help stop second-guessing your decisions. Friends and family are great at making decisions when you can’t. Try and remember that things that are too good to throw can go to a new home, and doing this isn’t disrespectful, your loved one wouldn’t want you to feel burned by their belongings. 

We provide fast, respectful and professional estate clearance and house clearance services. Our empathetic team of staff have experience clearing deceased estates for sale and settlement.