Junk’s Top Tips to manage clearing out a deceased estate

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Clearing out a deceased estate can often be a harrowing experience. For those still stricken with grief it’s important to understand the best ways to deal with this task.

That’s why JUNK.com.au has come up with this list of top tips, so you can quickly and effectively clear out a deceased estate, making the task as less of a burden as possible.

  1. Prepare a plan

You can start early by planning ahead. This kind of job, depending on the size of the house, can end up being very overwhelming if you’re wanting to do it all yourself. Start by creating a timeline of when items can be moved; particularly what times you’ll have family and friends to help move large/heavy items. Always plan for it to take longer than you initially estimate, as you’ll find more items to clear than you can initially see with your eyes.

    2. Retrieve the most important items first

Once you’ve written up your plan and schedule, it is crucial you retrieve important documents such as wills, property deeds, bank statements and tax returns. Finding these important items first is crucial, because once you start moving everything else, it’s likely they’ll get lost among the mess. Such documents are going to be important for lawyers to the final legal standings of the estate.

    3. Organise items in a deliberate
We suggest sorting your items into three major piles: SELL, FOR CHARITY, RUBBISH. These categories will help prevent seconding-guessing your decisions. It’s important not to feel guilty about throwing away or re-purposing your deceased loved one’s items. Don’t stress over it, your loved one wouldn’t want to burden you with their items.

   4. Recruit professional help

Hiring the right professionals will make a big difference to the whole process. The professionals at JUNK.com.au are professionally trained in dealing with this service: always friendly and respectful when carrying out their duties. With our service you literally won’t have to lift a finger, as our professionals will do all the heavy lifting and packing of vehicles.

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