Making your business environmentally friendly pt.2


(PART 2)

Welcome back to the second and final part of our series discussing the ways you can make your business more environmentally friendly. is committed to reducing landfill wherever possible and we make sure that
Previously we discussed setting up an environmental management system and managing your business’s energy use.
In part 2 we will discuss two more major categories:

1. Manage water use

2. Manage waste


There are heaps of different methods to help your business reduce water use and therefore water waste! That can range from choosing a water provider to having a water management plan.At all times you should be looking at how to make your water use more efficient. 

Here’s’s tips to reduce your water use at work:

  • Search for water leaks. These can be found in fittings. Try and use a water meter or flow restrictor where possible. Make a note of any  leaking taps, toilets and showers. If you replace your tap washers and seals annually, it should minimise leaks around your business.
  • Rainwater tanks and water-saving devices will be extremely efficient and cost effective.
  • You only have to water garden areas when necessary. If you use mulch you can heavily reduce water loss.
  • Consider reusing or recycling water wherever possible.
  • Involve your staff in your water saving campaign. You can nominate a member of your staff as a ‘water hero’ to check meters and monitor water use.
  • Use products with a water efficiency label. Find out more from the Water Efficiency and Labelling Standards Scheme (WELS).
  • Set up your own unique water management plan.

MANAGE WASTE is passionate about Reducing, reusing and recycling waste wherever possible. When you use ‘The 3 R’s’ it will go a long way to making your business more environmentally friendly.

These are the most practical ways to help your business reduce the waste it creates:

  • Know what your waste is – Take a glimpse inside your bins at work. This will help you to understand the types of waste and how much waste your business produces. 
  • ‘Bin Trim’ is an audit tool that can help you measure the amount of waste your business creates and identify materials you could recycle or re-use.
  • Separate the different types of waste – it is important that you know what rubbish your business can recycle or reuse. Have separate bins for waste going to landfill and for recycling.
  • Introduce a waste reduction program – this is a great way to build cooperation and communication amongst your staff on reducing waste. Appoint a waste management coordinator who can identify local recyclers and establish a program for your business’s needs.
  • Review your products – consider whether the cost of disposing of materials is more than the cost of producing or buying them. Could your business use fewer materials in packaging, or better still, reuse or recycle them?


Lowering the amount of rubbish removal in your home is a big part of acting locally in the fight against climate change. can help you get rid of the unwanted rubbish in your home. No matter what service you need, makes sure your junk is always disposed of responsibly.

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