There’s more to becoming a Zero Waste home than just your ordinary rubbish removal. In this blog, we’ll show you how people from all around the world are transforming their homes to emit ‘Zero Waste’.

The pressing climate crisis engulfing the world means we have to start acting on what we can do in our own lives to make a change. is a firm believer in the motto; Think global, act local.

We’ve broken it down into the two biggest sections where waste occurs within your home. After you’re finished reading these tips you’ll be well on your way to having a Zero Waste home.

Minimising Rubbish Removal Zero Waste Homes, Woman And Girl Preparing Waste Paper For Recycling
Minimising Rubbish Removal Zero Waste Homes, Woman And Girl Preparing Waste Paper For Recycling


  1. Start to think of alternatives to disposable items such as paper towels, garbage liners, aluminium foil, disposable plates and cups). Swap paper towels for reusable rags. Swap sandwich baggies for kitchen towels or stainless containers. You can drop garbage liners altogether (wet waste is a compostable solution).
  2. Stop using disposable bags for your food shopping. Bring your cloth bags (for dry goods), jars ( for meats, cheeses, oils) and bottles (for liquids like shampoos, conditioners, etc.)
  3. Making your products will cease the need to buy from supermarkets.
  4. Shop the farmer’s market: Veggies available here will usually be free of plastic and stickers too.
  5. Learn to love your tap water and stop buying bottled water.
  6. Compost your food scraps! Here you can begin to start your homegrown source of food and power it with the rich soil from your compost.
  7. Reinventing your leftovers before they go bad will keep you from throwing away any food.


Recycle Icon
Recycle Icon
  1. Most of your regular toilet paper will be bleached and is often wrapped individually. Aim to use 100% recycled and unbleached toilet paper and try and buy it in bulk (as you’ll save substantially).
  2. For shaving you can reuse a ‘safety razor’ and use shaving soap.
  3. Refill your bottles with bulk shampoo and conditioner. You can also forgo conditioner altogether and rinse your hair, massage baking soda in, then rinse, with vinegar for shine. An alternative to hairspray is switching to lemon water in a spray bottle. To go longer between washes, substitute dry shampoo for corn starch.
  4. To brush your teeth you can use baking soda and wooden-type compostable toothbrushes. (Usually made of bamboo).
  5. How about nail care? All you need is a normal set of nail clippers. Shining files can come in glass models that don’t fade.
  6. Q-tips are proven to be bad for you, so you don’t even have to buy them anymore!


Lowering the amount of rubbish removal in your home is a big part of acting locally in the fight against climate change. can help you get rid of the unwanted rubbish in your home. No matter what service you need, makes sure your junk is always disposed of responsibly.