When JUNK.com.au completes a rubbish removal service, the junk might end up in a few different places. In an attempt to reduce landfills wherever possible, your JUNK will either be recycled or upcycled.

It’s in the JUNK Warehouse where items are sold and repurposed for a new life. Yet not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford even second-hand items. So JUNK.com.au supports the community by offering heavily discounted items for those at risk of homelessness or recently escaping it.

Such is the case of George and Tahni*. Their story is one of tremendous hardship that runs back years. In 2015 Geoff was on a Barramundi fishing trip in Kakadu. While fishing George was violently taken by a crocodile and as a result, lost the lower half of his left leg. An injury that made getting work near impossible for him.

Rubbish Removal Business
Rubbish Removal Business

Just two years later Tahni suffered a double bypass. Now both of them were suffering health issues that would hamper their ability to find work.

While enduring prejudices from within their family they fled from their home state of Victoria. As a result, from March 2020 until May 2021, they became homeless. They mostly slept in their commodore but would often have to shelter in even worse facilities.

George describes living in a run-down school bus as a hardship he never wants to endure again.

“We hated it. There was no power, no water, no heating, nothing. To make matters worse the owner of the land started charging us rent for it. And that’s when he had to go”, he said.

Back on the road, they went once more, eventually heading back to Victoria for medical reasons.

“We had to come back to Victoria because it’s the only place we’re familiar with the medical facilities and processes”, he said.

Homeless Man Sleeping on the Bench
Homeless Man Sleeping on the Bench

The duo had applied for housing through Mallee Family Care where they were initially told the waiting times could be years. Thankfully their luck was beginning to change and they were able to move into a house in Geelong.

JUNK.com.au was able to help furnish their first home in over 12 months, something George said he was truly grateful for.

“The whole process with JUNK has been great. Super friendly staff, very approachable and they’ve helped us when we needed it”, he said.

JUNK.com.au aims to be more than your ordinary rubbish removal service. It’s proactive in reducing barriers and giving support for all members of our community. JUNK.com.au encourages those who find themselves in exceptional need, disadvantage or vulnerable circumstances to consider the JUNK Warehouse for items they might need.

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*Names have been changed to protect the privacy and identity of those involved.