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CASE STUDY: Backyard gardening service in Thompson

As JUNK began its campaign to transform the rubbish removal industry, it became apparent the people of Geelong have been longing for such a service. Take one of our first clients ever, Vicky from Thomson, who’s backyard transformation was something she and her child were eager to have happen for some time.

Yet a problem struck as the JUNK crew came knocking. It became apparent that the job required more than the initial quote.

Working with Vicky, the removal specialists were comfortably able to work out the best and most affordable extra services the property needed. With an extra trailer brought along, the JUNK crew seamlessly completed a landmark first for the business:

The very first JUNK gardening service. Helping clear the clutter of overgrown grass and rubbish, Vicky and her child were safe to play in the backyard without fear of unknown dangerous insects potentially looming among them.

The JUNK crew’s ability to work quickly and efficiently to figure out a new quote that made Vicky feel comfortable and reassured of the great value of the service is indicative of the professionalism that JUNK brings to every job. It’s evident with the happy smiles from the customers that this job was a highlight for all involved.

Here’s a quick video of the job, as it happened:

If you’re like Vicky from Thomson and you need our gardening services or green waste removal:
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