JUNK Treasure: Diamonds In the Rough


JUNK is dedicated to its mission on reducing landfill and recycling wherever possible. Part of the JUNK Culture is to up-cycle as much material as possible. 

It’s evident that across the jobs we collect from: ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. It quickly became an integral part of the JUNK mission to showcase to the community how much better up-cycling is, in the effort to reduce landfill. 

This week our highlight pick-ups were:
1) Model 5, Series 2 Victa Mower. This particular model was prominent from 1958-1961.

2) 1980’s Redline BMX with the groovy Skyway Tuffs. 

We’d love to showcase your up-cycling feats! Submit your entry of your best Upcycle and we’ll feature you in the next issue: [email protected]

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