JUNK.com.au has been working differently to revolutionize the rubbish removal industry. We’re more than just rubbish removal, we go above and beyond in ways of recycling, saving time, effort, and money for our customers, and engaging in the community to make the world a better place for everyone.

We are the most trusted Junk and Rubbish Removal service in Victoria and Melbourne because we know how to make cleaning up and getting rid of your JUNK as easy as possible! all you need to do is to let us know how much JUNK and RUBBISH you have and we will handle the rest!

What makes JUNK.com.au go above and beyond in the ways of recycling is the fact we don’t go straight to the tip with the rubbish we collect. Unlike our competitors, JUNK.com.au takes ALL the rubbish back to our resource recovery centre and processes all the junk into the appropriate recycling piles. This process has allowed us to achieve 93% effective recycling, something you won’t find in any other rubbish removal company in Victoria!

Household Rubbish Removal Birregurra

No matter if you’re moving house, selling houses, downsizing, or just decluttering/ spring cleaning, our service will give you back the time you would’ve wasted by doing it all yourself. With our service, you can now focus on the things important to you, as we ALWAYS include 2 rubbish removal professionals who do the lifting for you.

Birregurra is a charming town with wonderfully restored facades referencing a rich historical past and a community that looks after one another. JUNK.com.au shares that vision of community and works with homeless.com.au to distribute much-needed goods to those in our community who need help to get back on their feet again.

Our JUNK STARS are our hard workers who have come from a homeless or disengaged background. We hire individuals through our mentor program to re-introduce them into the workforce and the community; providing stability and purpose to get them back on their feet.

When you need the services of JUNK.com.au you’re hiring more than just a rubbish removal company, but a company that has a genuine interest in reducing their carbon footprint, reducing waste into landfills, and giving opportunities to those who need it most in our community. 

Birregurra Worksite Rubbish Removal

Birregurra is a great part of the Otways, surrounded by beautiful nature and amazing trails. JUNK.com.au is committed to keeping any worksite rubbish from the Birregurra community from spilling into the surrounding environment. 

Construction sites will continue to create rubbish as the project progresses, only ending until the building is built. We’ve often seen some worksites dump their rubbish into the vacant sites next door. If this has happened to you, no need to worry. JUNK.com.au can help you, and what’s even better is that we do ALL the heavy lifting for you. With our services there are always 2 or more removalists included, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger.

Not sure what items we can take as part of our worksite rubbish removal service? We can take anything from Metal cabinets, Exercise machines/equipment, BBQ grills, Lawnmowers, Doors (metal and wood) Iron furniture/railings to Automotive parts and a range of different metals like stainless steel, copper aluminium, brass, and lead.

What Size Truck Do You Need To Book?

Once you’ve talked with our friendly staff and we understand roughly the cubic meters you need to be taken away, we’ll choose the most appropriate size truck to attend your job. Don’t worry if you think you’ve got too much JUNK for us to carry.

JUNK.com.au is equipped with over 20 trucks that range from three cubic meters to over 50 cubic meters (our semi-trailer truck).

Not sure what a cubic meter is? That’s fine! We’ve made this page that includes a video for you to better understand what a cubic meter is, which will help the whole quoting process, as well as let our crew know if they need to bring any special equipment (like excavators or any large machinery to help dig up or pick up rubbish.)

So if you need your JUNK gone ASAP, make sure you ring us on 13 44 55 for a FREE QUOTE today! Our staff are very friendly and are happy to talk through any questions and queries you might have with your junk and our services. 

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