JUNK.com.au is distributing over 100 books to the Streets Library Foundation, as it strives to be more than just a rubbish removal service. Over the past week, JUNK.com.au’s workforce has begun spreading the literacy love across all of Geelong.

JUNK.com.au aims to include a unique community element in its service. Through month’s worth of jobs, they’ve collected hundreds of unwanted books. Now these books will get another lease on life and be repurposed to a new home. Instead of going into landfill, they’ve been saved for the Streets Library initiative.

They hope to help the Streets Library achieve its two major goals:

Rubbish Removal Business Giving Back
Rubbish Removal Business Giving Back

1) To encourage literacy

Sometimes people need an escape from their everyday lives. Books have the power to transport people to a different world, experience the impossible, and unlock people’s potential.

JUNK.com.au hopes that by rolling out these books, a little child with none in their house can pass by a local Street Library and discover a new world of opportunities.

2) To encourage community

Encouraging community engagement has always been a passion of JUNK.com.au. It continues to be a driving factor in its hiring process.

When it comes to distributing recycled books, JUNK.com.au knew the Street Library was the perfect organisation to help bring neighbourhoods together, all over Australia.

When people are taking a book and leaving a book, they create a cycle of generosity that allows them to share what they love with those around them.

By participating in the Street Library movement, you’re helping encourage reading, sharing, and a community spirit. 


JUNK.com.au shares the Street Library’s vision of increasing literacy levels in Australian children.

In the hope of continuing the rollout of books to Street Libraries, JUNK.com.au encourages anyone who has books they don’t want anymore, to drop them off at the JUNK Office (116 Furner Avenue, Bell Park), for redistribution.

At JUNK.com.au we’re not just a rubbish removal business… We’re a small business thinking big about children’s literacy.

See more of what we’re doing in the community at junk removal.

Source: A rubbish removal business giving back