At we pride ourselves on our service being as fast and efficient as possible. Yesterday morning our JUNK Dudes, Matt and Alex, were on their way back to JUNK HQ with a full truckload from a deceased estate in Melbourne.

That’s approximately when Ocean Grove resident, Jan Souter, called us up to make an enquiry.

Here’s exactly what she thought of the crew that turned up and our service:

Junk's Removal Service Makes Customers Happy
Junk’s Removal Service Makes Customers Happy

Q: What was your favourite part of our service?

Jan: How quick it was. It was amazing how much rubbish they took in such a short time. I still can’t get over it.

Q: What did you think of our team?

Jan: They were great. The guys were really nice and friendly and helpful and nothing was too much trouble, they assured me it would all fit, no worries. 

Q: In what way was the service efficient?

Jan: I just rang to make enquiries, and the customer service person I spoke to said ‘They’ve just finished a job, so they can come now if you like?’ So I said, ‘Well ok then sure!’. They were there within ¾’s of an hour and then finished within an hour. I don’t know how they did it, but phew, it was amazing!

Q: How did you feel about hiring our service, knowing that we hire people from disengaged and homeless backgrounds?

Jan: Usually you can’t do much to help. Money doesn’t usually go very far, but if you can help out in any little way I’m happy to do it. 

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