JUNK Matters!

Junk.com.au donate books to street library


By admin | July 5, 2021

JUNK.com.au is in the midst of distributing over 100 books into the Streets Library foundation , as it strives to be more than just a rubbish removal service. Over the past week JUNK.com.au’s workforce has begun spreading the literacy love across all of Geelong. JUNK.com.au aims to include a unique community element to its service. […]

Junk.com.au is helping the homeless

More than a rubbish removal business: Helping the homeless

By admin | July 5, 2021

When JUNK.com.au completes a rubbish removal service, the junk might end up in a few different places. In an attempt to reduce landfills wherever possible, your JUNK will either be recycled or upcycled. It’s in the JUNK Warehouse where items are sold and repurposed into a new life. Yet not everyone has the luxury of […]

Deceased Estate rubbish clearance

How to Prepare for a Deceased Estate Clearance

By admin | May 10, 2021

There are no words to describe how losing your loved one feels like. Dealing with other technical and potentially daunting tasks such as a deceased estate clearance can be overwhelming.  Planning: Create a timeline for when tasks need to be completed and who is responsible for them. When dealing with a deceased estate there are usually […]

Keep your house junk free

9 Tips on Keeping Your House Junk Free!

By admin | May 10, 2021

I’m not sure if I can say there is an art to keeping a house tidy every single day, but there is a process, and after writing this article, I made some improvements to my routine. Just by picking up a couple of these helpful tips, I feel more organised, stress-free and ready for visitors at […]

looking for Junk removal service

5 Ways Clutter can affect your everyday life.

By admin | May 3, 2021

Junk or clutter can have a powerful grip on our lives and affect our day to day mood, productivity and health without even knowing it. After doing some heavy research on the matter, we have come up with five ways clutter can affect your life.   1. Clutter increases stress.  People with homes full of unfinished […]